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Neutrophils are type of white blood cells that forms the immune system to fight against the infection. The measure of the number of the neutrophils (segmented neutrophils % + bands %) is the absolute neutrophil count (ANC). The normal range of the ANC is 1.5 to 8.0 (i.e.,) 1500 - 8000 cells/mm^3. The safe ANC is from 500 - 1500 whereas, low ANC is below 500.


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ANC (cells/mm3) = [(Neutrophil % + Band Cells %) x Total WBC] / 100 Where, ANC - Absolute Neutrophil Count WBC - White Blood Cells


Consider if your WBC count is 5.1, neutrophil % is 43 and band % is 5%.

Substituting the above values in the formula (5.1 * (43+5) )/100

The ANC is 2.448. It is of the normal range.